Example use of the Composite CAD drawing to access specific information.

Situation: You are a school district Maintenance Supervisor · Call comes in reporting A/C in School 12, Building D, Rooms 104, 105 &106 is not working. You need to know location, make, model, S/N, & warranty of the A/C unit supplying the specified rooms


1. Go to PC/Server Directory
2. Select: District School CAD Composites
3. Select: School 12
4. Open: CAD drawing
5. Select: View Port, Building D Roof Plan
6. Locate A/C for Rooms 104, 105 & 106
7. Click on attribute box for A/C unit (make, model, S/N & warranty information is displayed)
8. Print roof plan and attribute table.

Information Acquisition Complete: Elapse Time: 5 - 10 minutes Initiate Work Order

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