Summary Of Benefits

The 4-WARD Design, Inc. “(1)-Click” Solution to Access & Management 0f Critical Facility Information


  • Rapid controlled access to critical facility data for in-house staff and first responders, immune to massive catastrophic power outages
  • Effective economic updating of data base increasing accuracy, efficacy, currency and value over time.
  • Ability to access and consolidate specific data in support of outsourcing, inspections, bidding, reporting, disaster preparedness, etc. and download to manageable spreadsheets.
  • Rapid, accurate compilation of management related data such as space allocation, hazardous materials, life safety, storm drains, emergency shut-off valves, isolation valves, lockout/tagout procedures, etc.
  • Secure data repository with multiple storage locations and media (i.e. server, CD/DVD, laptop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, thumb drive, etc.).
  • Data available in discreet packets and formats for dissemination to inspectors, vendors/suppliers, architects, management, staff, etc.
  • Installation on master server for password controlled access to staff and on disk or thumb drive for use in battery powered laptop (or other electronic devices) thereby providing backup during severe catastrophic power outages.
  • Flexibility to “grow’ the file over time through additions and updates to utilities, photos, manuals, and attribute blocks, etc.
  • Minimal training required for efficient file utilization and data access.
  • Zero software cost with free downloadable reading and mark-up software.
  • Data available to multiple departments across the organization, with access points and data presentation customized for specific utilization by each department.
  • Ability to accommodate new applications required and/or created by users.

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