Who are we ?

4-Ward Design, Inc. is a professional engineering organization devoted to the management of repositories of facility documentation for support of maintenance, operations and planning.

The company’s Principals, Don Bartick and Allan Musterer are pioneers in the document conversion industry. In 1991 they discovered an optical imaging system that they service marked Video Tracing. It was this technology that allowed them to launch a CAD Conversion business to produce very high quality, economical conversion of hard copy large-scale technical drawings to CAD Perfect/Accurate data files. Along with the technology, Messrs. Bartick and Musterer created a conversion process to integrate the skills of CAD operators.

In recent years with declining budgets, the need to create products that would lend to ‘Cost Avoidance’ became necessary. In collaboration with the Poway Unified School District, we created the Composite CAD drawing for individual schools within the District. These drawings are accessible by facility, operations and planning personnel via the District’s servers and Website. Countless hours are saved by not having to research hard copy drawing repositories. The lessons learned with Poway have provided us great insight to the product’s potential application for every type of facility complex. The ‘1 Click’ retrieval concept has tremendous power that has untapped value. 4-Ward Design is poised to evolve the Composite CAD drawing and the ‘1 Click’ approach to further serve the cost conscious manager.

Messrs. Bartick and Musterer are mechanical engineers and are licensed professional engineers in California.

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